People For Plants Organic Skincare — People For Plants

What a wonderful world this would be if every garden grew only organic plants!
No more toxic herbicides poisoning us with every mouthful we ate. No more fear
of violent reactions to those harsh gardening chemicals. Oh my God, yes; what a
blessed world it would be, folks! And it’s an extension of that grand wish that
motivates everything we do at People for Plants, dedicated as we are to
producing only the most natural organically certified skincare products. We took
several years to trial and develop our range, determined to use only the purest
non-chemical based ingredients when we finally began manufacturing. Our entire
range of cleansers, moisturizers, creams and face oils proudly carry the
Australian Certified Organic seal of approval. We wouldn’t countenance eating
chemicals, so why would we expect to rub all that horrid toxicity into our skin?