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Lactis is a fermented probiotic alternative and a leading Japanese dietary supplement for digestive balance. Unlike traditional probiotics that function with live bacteria, Lactis contains a high concentration of Lactobacillus metabolites designed to help stimulate the growth of your own indigenous good bacteria.


Mad Millie Vegan Cheese Kit

The Mad Millie Vegan Cheese Kit makes it easy to create a range of delicious, (guilt free!) vegan cheeses like mozzarella, halloumi, cream cheese, mascarpone, ricotta and feta. Designed to be made in any kitchen, no specialised equipment or experience required. All you need is your choice of nuts and common kitchen spices!


Honeylife Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is renowned as one of nature’s finest superfoods. Honeylife uses only “raw” unrefined honey without heat or chemical process and each batch is university laboratory tested for MGO value. Honeylife has an extensive range of bee products that promote many healthy and immune-boosting attributes. All Australian sourced, made and owned.



Nutrisoy is an Australian-owned company behind the well-known Nutrisoy, Soyco and TLY brands. The range offers quality products made from Australian non-genetically modified organic soybeans including plain, pre-cooked and marinated tofu and tempeh products. Nutrisoy products are available from selected Coles, Woolworths, independent supermarkets, Oriental grocery stores and healthfood stores throughout Australia.



Since 1921, Vitamix has been devoted to developing the most dependable blenders, adored by generations and trusted by professional chefs around the world. The Professional Series 750 makes the perfect gift. It powers through the toughest wholefoods, easily creating hot soups, frozen desserts, smoothies and more.