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Cocoa Powder – Organic Times

Organic Times Cocoa Powder is a quality gourmet ingredient perfect for your baking needs or added to a delicious chocolate drink. It is certified organic, Fairtrade, Dutch-processed, unsweetened, gluten-free and without GMOs. It will soon be an easy favourite with its velvety smooth, rich and fabulous chocolate flavour. Organic Times is an Australian-owned business offering quality organic products made from the finest natural ingredients for healthier living and a better taste.


Club Verdigris Juice Bar – Nature’s Wonderland

Nature’s Wonderland is a pioneer of healthy cold-press juice! Having retailed these specialist juicers for the past 10 years, they totally understand the industry, so now they take their expertise one step further and through their Juice Bars offer the healthiest, most diverse selection of juices imaginable. Pop in to their newest store in Eumundi, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and concoct your own special recipe or choose from some of the super-delicious creations available. If you love a raw and healthy lifestyle you’ll know that cold-press juicers, blenders and dehydrators are much-loved items of kitchen equipment.


Mother Nature’s soap – Go Green At Home

Have you ever wondered what your laundry detergent or shampoo is doing to the environment after it goes down your drain? You don’t need to look hard to find reports of environmental damage from household chemicals, but I was worried about these products even before they went down the drain. My mum who, like her mum, died too young from cancer, had always warned me never to touch laundry powder because it’s carcinogenic. She was right and I was careful — but I’m not any more. I discovered a laundry detergent that literally falls off a tree, does a better job than the powder I was using and is actually good for the environment. It didn’t take long to find that this “detergent” (soap nuts) made my windows shiny, cleaned my floors and cleaned my kids from head to toe — even keeping head lice away.


Aquaponics System – Milkwood Permaculture

Ever wished you could step out onto your back patio and come back inside with all the fresh ingredients of dinner? Aquaponics lets you do just that. It’s a growing system that aims to organically “close the loop” of nutrient cycling while producing both salad and fresh fish. Aquaponics typically consists of a fishpond and a raised growing bed in which your vegies grow in either pebbles or clay balls.


Sweet Corn Anasazi – Greenpatch

An amazing ancient multi-coloured sweet corn that grows to just 2m high and has delicious thick sweet cobs that mature in 90 days. The brilliantly coloured kernels vary from yellow to red, burgundy and blue. When the cobs are dried the colours intensify greatly. This easily grown, hardy, non-hybrid variety has a good balance of sugars, starch and minerals, and is delicious eaten raw or cooked.


Silicate paints – Bio Products

Natural paints for wall design are very trendy. Silicate paints are among the most interesting options for indoor and outdoor use. Premium design and tough resilience are features of this classic wall paint. The reason for this is the mineral-water glass binder that bonds with the substrate by means of silication. Silicate paints have stood the test of time and are exemplary in terms of ecology and health.


Breathable clingwrap – Rainbow 88

Good news for the many fans of compostable, breathable clingwrap! It’s back in stock in a new, exciting package. The pack has a cutter and tabs at the end to lock the roll in position, making it more convenient. The pack also illustrates the unique and highly convenient “pinch and tear” feature. As before, the film clings well. It’s highly breathable, so foods stay fresher longer.


Egg Skelter – Backyard Chicken Coops

Attention all chicken keepers, avid bakers, egg lovers and proud parents of chicken-crazy children! You’ve probably faced the conundrum of how to safely store your excess eggs. Why not try the Egg Skelter, which allows you to efficiently and stylishly display your precious produce in order of their date? No more having to remember which eggs were the freshest or what to use up first — just add new eggs to the back of the queue and take from the front. The Egg Skelter holds up to 24 medium to large-sized eggs and is available in a range beautiful colours, so there’s a Skelter to suit every kitchen decor.


Growing organic food – PLANT-A-GENDA

Do you have some small people needing good organic food? Are you both busy parents? Hmm … time poor? Surely you can set aside one full weekend to build a raised garden 800mm x whatever length you can spare x waist height. Use recycled material from the tip — eg corrugated iron, some old angle iron (for the corners) and some star posts for the outsides. You’ll find all the information on DIY on the PLANT-A-GENDA website. No digging, no weeding, no bending = no work!