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Gardena Superflex Hose – Husqvarna Group

Taking inspiration from one of natures most skillful creatures, Gardena’s new range of garden hoses boast expert power grip, flexibility, and a threaded spiral that guarantees high-pressure resistance and dimensional stability. In compliance with contemporary standards, Gardena uses no heavy metals and no plastic softening agents, like the contested phthalate, making them ideal for use in vegetable gardens. GARDENA SuperFLEX hoses are UV stabilised for long life and also come with an astounding 30 year warranty.


Pot’n All WonderWall – Pot’n All

The Pot’n All® WonderWall is a quick and easy-to-plant vertical garden unit designed for use with the Pot’n All® 65mm tube. Made from coir and latex they make the perfect planting combination. Once the Pot’n All® tubes are positioned into the WonderWall, the roots of the plants will grow into the WonderWall itself. Once established, the Pot’n All® tube and the plants will remain firmly in place.


eco-flo range – Organic Crop Protectants

The eco-flo range of liquid lime, dolomite and gypsum represents a new generation of soil improvers that are quick and easy to use. The liquid formulation means no digging or lugging of heavy bags into the garden. Simply click on the hose or add to your watering can. The eco-flo range works faster than powders because the particle size is 100–200 times smaller. Plus, they’re also super concentrated. The 2L hose-on is the equivalent of 80kg of traditional powdered product! Use eco-flo gypsum to rapidly break up clay and improve drainage; it will also flush salts from the soil. It’s great for gardens and lawns around swimming pools and where recycled greywater is used, as both can cause a buildup of damaging salts in the soil.


RAW range – Every Bit Organic

Every Bit Organic RAW is Australia’s largest range of certified organic RAW Gourmet Food Oils and RAW Skin Care. Sourced exclusively from certified organic farmers in Australia and overseas, this premium range is entirely cold-pressed, unadulterated and RAW. Every Bit Organic fully supports the organics industry, sourcing the gourmet food range from Australian certified organic farmers, ensuring the long-term stability of the soil and our agricultural industry. Australia is world-renowned for the quality of its fruits, and Every Bit Organic RAW oils retain the cold-pressed, preservative- and GMO-free organic goodness of these fruits.


Oxhill Organics pasture-ranged eggs – Eggert Agri-Partners

Oxhill Organics pasture-ranged eggs are produced by the Eggerts on their farm at Wauchope, NSW, which has been certified organic for 10 years and also produces organic milk. The chicken enterprise has blended well with the existing organic farming system, balancing microbiology, controlling insect pests and providing nutrients for the soil. The hens are raised on-farm from one day old and are outside on grass by three weeks of age. The 2000 laying chickens are housed in chicken caravans that are moved every day, spreading the manure evenly over the paddocks. As well as enjoying fresh, green grass, the hens are fed a porridge mix — the grains are cracked and mixed with organic milk from the dairy.