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The MiEco Bamboo Hair Brush — Go Green At Home

Professional brush made from Bamboo (a 100% natural renewable resource) including handle and bristles.  Bamboo is stronger, lighter and more durable than Wood and more Eco Friendly than Plastic, its gentle on hair & scalp, great for styling & detangling, restores hair balance and shine, it’s anti-static, lightweight, anti-bacterial and most importantly it’s made of Bamboo, NOT WOOD OR PLASTIC – We like our trees and our environment.


The Enviromental Toothbrush — Go Green At Home

We all want to make a difference to help our environment but sometimes we think it is just too big of an issue for a single person to make a difference, I am here to tell you it’s not.

In Australia we throw away over 1000 tonnes of Plastic toothbrushes each year and they hang around for hundreds of years even washing up on remote beaches around the world. With a Bamboo handle the Environmental Toothbrush is making huge positive impacts all around the world and it was invented right here in Brisbane. Make a difference – Make the change.


Solar LED lighting kits – Rainbow Power Company

Now you can install simple solar lighting anywhere — your carport, cabin, chook shed or potting shed — with no electrician required! The Ulitium LED solar lighting kits are perfect for any undercover setting that needs illumination. Easy to install, the kit includes a small solar panel, an LED light with dimmable settings and a rechargeable battery.