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Cocoa Powder – Organic Times

Organic Times Cocoa Powder is a quality gourmet ingredient perfect for your baking needs or added to a delicious chocolate drink. It is certified organic, Fairtrade, Dutch-processed, unsweetened, gluten-free and without GMOs. It will soon be an easy favourite with its velvety smooth, rich and fabulous chocolate flavour. Organic Times is an Australian-owned business offering quality organic products made from the finest natural ingredients for healthier living and a better taste.


Biodynamics in a bottle — Robinvale Wines

Being health and environmentally conscious shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on the little indulgences in life, like good wine. The Caracatsanoudis family understands this philosophy, and that’s why their business, Robinvale Wines, has been such a success since it first began in 1976. Today, they still run the winery along with a 30ha biodynamic vineyard. The winery has its own bottling facilities and cellar-door sales, and is listed among the district’s tourist attractions. Robinvale Wines produces a wide variety of wines, including table, sparkling and fortified organic, biodynamic and preservative-free. For those who choose to avoid all animal products, whether it’s for ethical or health reasons, there is also a range of vegan- and vegetarian-friendly wines.