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Neko-no-Ashi Kogin Purse by Jane MacDonald

Jane MacDonald of BeBe Bold in Lismore, NSW was inspired by kogin embroidery to create this delightful little purse. Kogin embroidery is a Japanese counted-thread embroidery technique. What characterises kogin embroidery is that the designs are geometric (usually diamond shaped), the stitches are uneven lengths and only stitched horizontally, and the designs are usually created with white cotton or hemp thread on indigo-dyed evenweave hemp.


Silk Flower Obession Handbag by Sue Dwyer and Toni Brazendale

Sue Dwyer and Toni Brazendale of South Canterbury, New Zealand, designed this bag for Quilters Companion readers. A poppy design bag using a similar technique caught our eye and we invited Sue and Toni to create a bag using the same technique. We hope you enjoy making it.

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The Lauren Bag by Emma Brennan

This bag is inspired by Emma Brennan’s favourite era for accessories — the inventive 1940s wartime years. During this period, interest was often added to designs by the use of unusual-shaped flaps. The size of the pieces for this bag make them ideal for using up a combination of smaller offcuts of fabric. For her bag, Emma mixed textures by combining polka dot Welsh wool with hand-woven Harris tweed and velvet. The bag could be made equally well in a combination of quilting-weight fabrics.

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