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Kalamazoo by Michelle Marvig

Michelle Marvig of Theresa Park, NSW designed this quilt using fat quarters of fabric but, cleverly, the quilt is pieced using 2½in strips, so you could adapt the design to be made with jelly rolls. This is a quilt-as-you-go project, which is achievable for quilters of all skill levels.

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Chain Link by Sue Belleli

At first glance this looks like an easy quilt as the basis of the quilt is one block repeating. However, care needs to be taken that you continue the colours in the right places to ensure
you don’t ‘break’ the chain, making this quilt challenging for an advanced beginner. The quilt will look equally as gorgeous, of course, with the links being scrappy if you can’t get your head around matching up the sections to complete your links/chain or don’t have enough lengths to make a whole chain link in one colour.


Quirky Chooks by Megan Manwaring

Images of folk art birds were the inspiration for this stylised chook; string piecing complemented the quirkiness. Megan believes we are all a bit quirky and differences are to be celebrated and embraced — hence the name of the quilt. It is quick and easy to make — simple foundation-free string piecing creates the ‘fabric blocks’ from which the appliqué shapes are cut. Then the pieces are applied to the background using needleturn appliqué. Finally, hand quilting with Perle 8 thread adds to the texture and fun of the quilt.