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Organic Times Cookies — Organic Times

Organic Times Cookies – baked in our boutique family bakery with only the best ingredients and without any nasties. Organic ingredients in our delicious range include 100% grass-fed butter, fair-trade premium couverture chocolate, fresh local eggs and Australian almonds and macadamias. Better for you and our planet without compromising taste!



Natural Clay Casseroles — Neoflam

Neoflam natural clay casseroles allow for slow even cooking temperatures, retaining all the vitamins and flavours with a durable glaze interior for easy cleaning, use on stove top or in the oven, serving straight to the table.
Clay cookware has been used for thousands of years and is an extremely versatile material, conducts heat brilliantly, perfect for a variety of dishes including rice, vegetables, soups, casseroles, pot roasting and baking cakes or breads.


RAW range – Every Bit Organic

Every Bit Organic RAW is Australia’s largest range of certified organic RAW Gourmet Food Oils and RAW Skin Care. Sourced exclusively from certified organic farmers in Australia and overseas, this premium range is entirely cold-pressed, unadulterated and RAW. Every Bit Organic fully supports the organics industry, sourcing the gourmet food range from Australian certified organic farmers, ensuring the long-term stability of the soil and our agricultural industry. Australia is world-renowned for the quality of its fruits, and Every Bit Organic RAW oils retain the cold-pressed, preservative- and GMO-free organic goodness of these fruits.


Oxhill Organics pasture-ranged eggs – Eggert Agri-Partners

Oxhill Organics pasture-ranged eggs are produced by the Eggerts on their farm at Wauchope, NSW, which has been certified organic for 10 years and also produces organic milk. The chicken enterprise has blended well with the existing organic farming system, balancing microbiology, controlling insect pests and providing nutrients for the soil. The hens are raised on-farm from one day old and are outside on grass by three weeks of age. The 2000 laying chickens are housed in chicken caravans that are moved every day, spreading the manure evenly over the paddocks. As well as enjoying fresh, green grass, the hens are fed a porridge mix — the grains are cracked and mixed with organic milk from the dairy.


Sweet Corn Anasazi – Greenpatch

An amazing ancient multi-coloured sweet corn that grows to just 2m high and has delicious thick sweet cobs that mature in 90 days. The brilliantly coloured kernels vary from yellow to red, burgundy and blue. When the cobs are dried the colours intensify greatly. This easily grown, hardy, non-hybrid variety has a good balance of sugars, starch and minerals, and is delicious eaten raw or cooked.


Breathable clingwrap – Rainbow 88

Good news for the many fans of compostable, breathable clingwrap! It’s back in stock in a new, exciting package. The pack has a cutter and tabs at the end to lock the roll in position, making it more convenient. The pack also illustrates the unique and highly convenient “pinch and tear” feature. As before, the film clings well. It’s highly breathable, so foods stay fresher longer.


Organigrow – Organigrow

A customer asked Simon at Organiqrow why organic free-range eggs are a lot dearer than conventional free-range eggs. “First, I must feed my hens certified organic layer mash — almost twice the price of conventional feed. My feed is also vegetarian, so no meat meal, which is based on offal and meat-processing residue and can contain hormones, antibiotics and many other chemicals. Second, my hens free-range all the time and my stocking density is around 600 birds per hectare.


Organic Flaxseed Oil – Stoney Creek Oil Products

Boost your omega-3 intake by drizzling a little Organic Golden Flaxseed Oil over steamed vegetables, rice or pasta … or combine with milk, quark and blueberries for a replenishing energy milkshake … or create a raw beetroot salad so tasty that you’ll never cook beetroot again! Since 1992, Stoney Creek has produced the best-tasting Organic Flaxseed Oil in Australia.