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Sproutwell Greenhouses — Sproutwell Greenhouses

Sproutwell Greenhouses has provided traditional Greenhouses to its customers over the past 5 years. However, times are changing and to remain the leaders in the industry and keep things new and innovative they’re diversifying and branching out to provide customers with structures that are not only pleasing to the eye but can be used for multiple purposes. Australians love to entertain in the outdoors and over the past few years it has become apparent that many customers are wanting a room that could not only be used as a greenhouse but also a quiet place to go and recharge the batteries or share with family and friends. These structures can become an extension of your outdoor entertaining space or garden and being DIY means you can have a stunning outdoor room complete in a single weekend. The new Circle style makes the best home for a hot tub, whilst the large Lean-To is the perfect sunroom to attach to the back for your home. We believe for the outdoor category these new designs (exclusive to Sproutwell- as the owners are the designers behind it) are winning products!


Silicate paints – Bio Products

Natural paints for wall design are very trendy. Silicate paints are among the most interesting options for indoor and outdoor use. Premium design and tough resilience are features of this classic wall paint. The reason for this is the mineral-water glass binder that bonds with the substrate by means of silication. Silicate paints have stood the test of time and are exemplary in terms of ecology and health.


Weathervane – Austasia commodities / Glenview Products

Why a weathervane? Apart from their useful function, they make a real statement. It’s like wearing your team’s colours at a sporting event. They can signify your deep appreciation for a bird or animal, early-model cars, a tractor, a boat, a ship or a train. “One of our designs is of a surfer, which signifies the interest while giving the essential wind information a surfer needs to know,” says Rob Neander, owner of Glenview Products, which has the largest range in Australia.