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Nutrisoy is an Australian-owned company behind the well-known Nutrisoy, Soyco and TLY brands. The range offers quality products made from Australian non-genetically modified organic soybeans including plain, pre-cooked and marinated tofu and tempeh products. Nutrisoy products are available from selected Coles, Woolworths, independent supermarkets, Oriental grocery stores and healthfood stores throughout Australia.


Bill’s Organics Super Seeds Sourdough

All of our delicious sourdoughs are made using pure, natural ingredients from certified organic farms. Our flour is milled using a slower, traditional stoneground method to avoid overheating and dehydration. This retains nutrients and wheat germ, giving that nutty flavour. Our natural starter slowly ferments over 18 hours which allows the dough to rise and the beneficial lactobacilli (which promotes gut health and helps digestion) to fully develop. This long fermentation produces that unique sourdough flavour that can be obtained no other way.