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Lactis is a fermented probiotic alternative and a leading Japanese dietary supplement for digestive balance. Unlike traditional probiotics that function with live bacteria, Lactis contains a high concentration of Lactobacillus metabolites designed to help stimulate the growth of your own indigenous good bacteria.

pro matrix


From the rich pastures of Australia and NZ, Pro-Matrix is a 100 per cent natural protein, engineered to contain only essential ingredients - free from everything artificial.

Pro-Matrix’s incredible amino acid profile, supports your body with the many health benefits associated with whey protein.

Pro-Matrix is a great addition to sweet and savoury recipes and is available in certified grass fed flavours: naked whey(r), wicked whey(r), rough whey(r), and wild whey(r) as well as certified organic flavours; naked whey(r), buzz whey(r) and mellow whey(tm).