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Golden Door Gluten Free Granola

*All muesli’s are made to order, so please place your order (on back order) and we will package it up to be dispatched as soon as possible.

Golden thought : gut instinct
Digestion, mood, health & even the way we think is now being linked to the gut. We have so many neurons in the gut that many scientists are now calling it our ‘second brain’. Don’t dismiss your ‘gut instinct’ as there is so much more to it than you may think.



Cabot Health Bacto Clear

  • Pure essential oils in enteric coated capsules, to dissolve in the small intestine
  • For small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), yeast, Candida and thrush
  • Helps heal leaky gut by addressing overgrowth of bad gut bugs
  • Helpful for bloating, gas and medically diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome
  • Antimicrobial formula for chronic or recurrent sinus infections
  • No plastic (phthalates) are used in enteric coating